Moving Dialogs: “Cultural Connections,” Same Planet Different World + Niv Sheinfeld and Oren Laor Dance Company

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Same Planet Different World’s Artistic Director, Joanna Rosenthal Read and guest panelists will share provocative insights regarding SPDW’s 2013 MacArthur Foundation International Connections Fund.
This exchange brought SPDW and Israeli dance company, Niv Sheinfeld and Oren Laor Dance Company together to jointly develop a new piece of work which will make its world premiere at the MCA Oct. 22-25th. Panelists will explore how the environment, geographically as well as politically and socially, gave structure to their new work and discuss the investigation of each other’s cultural attributes. Audiences and artists will dive into a moderated conversation exploring how these socio-political attributes have shaped Chicago and Israel as centers for innovation in contemporary dance. 
Chicago Artists: 
Same Planet Different World Dance Theatre (SPDW), Artistic Director, Joanna Rosenthal Read
Joanna Rosenthal Read
Zachary Whittenburg 
Niv Sheinfeld 
Oren Laor 
Bonnie Brooks 
Reflections Writer: 
Adam J. Greteman, Ph.D. 
About the Artists: 
Same Planet Different World Dance Theatre (SPDW) is a contemporary dance company that features works by artistic director Joanna Rosenthal as well as other choreographers, both established and emerging. SPDW develops works with a humanistic voice that also shape a physical world where dance is primary, and the full moving body is used for expression. The company has worked with such choreographers as David Dorfman, Faye Driscoll, and Carrie Hanson and maintains an ever-evolving body of work driven by theatricality, athleticism, tenacity, and accessibility for their audiences. This is their first MCA Stage project. For more information, visit.
Niv Sheinfeld and Oren Laor have been creating art together for over 10 years. They combine contemporary dance with performance art and physical theater, reflecting their distinct artistic backgrounds: Niv danced in the Liat Dror &Nir Ben-Gal Dance Company for five years and has developed choreography for Kibbutz Dance Company, Bat Sheva ensemble, and others. Oren Laor studied theater and performance at Tel Aviv University and has worked with directors Yvgeny Arye, Edna Shavit, Nola Chilton, and others. They have received national and international acclaim for their works, including Best Performance of the Year by the Israeli Dance Critics’ Circle in 2013 for Two Room Apartment. For more information, visit.
Moving Dialogs is Chicago’s free, forward-thinking, discussion series for artists and audiences to broaden and deepen understanding of our multi-cultured, multi-ethnic, multi-ability city; utilizing dance as the base of cultural knowledge.
Produced by Audience Architects. Curated by Raphaelle Ziemba. Moving Dialogs: "Cultural Connections" is funded in part by the Chicago Seminar on Dance and Performance.