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POINT | LINE | PLANE features dances by Hedwig Dances’ artistic director Jan Bartoszek and resident choreographer Victor Alexander that “blur the line between movement and visual art.” (Chicago Magazine) The program title references the theory of 20th century painter Wassily Kandinsky that art extends itself beyond literal representation to express the artist’s internal reality. Jan Bartoszek previews newly minted dance sections from her upcoming Futura project. Applying central principles of the modernist Bauhaus art movement---abstraction, playful thinking and experimentation---Bartozek builds a richly visual and theatrical dance terrain. Hedwig Dances reprises Victor Alexander’s critically acclaimed Line of Sighs, a collaboration with weaver Deborah Valoma. Line of Sighs integrates the conceptual, spatial, rhythmic, and sensual dynamics of weaving and dance, triggering a charged zone of corporeality. It’s not often that my immediate reaction to a dance is “Hot damn do I want to see that again…”(Zac Whittenburg, Time-Out Chicago)

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Ruth Page Center for the Arts

1016 N. Dearborn Ave.
Chicago, IL 60610