Dancers participating in this open audition will be considered for scholarships to TDC's 2017 Summer Intensives. The audition will consist of ballet technique, company repertoire, and improvisation. Warm-up will not be provided. 


This year’s annual dance showcase entitled “Current Rhythms” will feature exciting and innovative choreography that displays an entertaining and thought-provoking range of choreographic styles and techniques.


Repertory Workshop with Africa Guzman — the works of Nacho Duato

Berlin-based choreographer Ligia Lewis uses dance, visual arts and the theater to pose questions concerning otherness and empathy in this second installment of a racially-conscious trilogy.

Mar 4

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She always dreamed she’d be a Solid Gold dancer. Well, it’s no longer 1984 and it may be time to hand over those legwarmers…or is it?


Join Tiffany Lawson Dance from March 2-5, 2017 for HARMONY: a live music and dance festival. Each evening will feature live music and dance pieces by artists from Chicago, New York, Nevada, California, and Maryland. Thursday-Saturday shows are at 8pm. Sunday show is at 7pm.

MOMENTA Celebrates 35 Years of Dance