Mar 16

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$27.00 for ten week session, or $5 per class
Modern dance for adults - Thursdays 10:30am to 12pm

Exploration: An evening of Dance, Discovery, Creativity, and Fun

Choreographed by Jessica Martin, in collaboration with Patty Ames and Sam Virgilio

Friday, March 24-@ 7 pm
Saturday, March 25-@ 7 pm
Sunday, March 26-@ 7pm

10:30am, Links Hall

Mar 16

Thursday, Mar. 30 - Saturday, Apr. 1 @ 7p

10:45am, Links Hall

Ayodele Drum and Dance West African Dance Class is an adult class designed to provide an energetic experience in a cultural context.

Mar 16


Call for tuition price: 847-358-6820

Borne2Dance Studio in Palatine is excited to announce our new Hip Hop/Breakdancing classes starting this winter! Geared towards children ages 9-13, these classes will teach students the general footwork and movement of hip hop & breakdancing.

In an experimental solo performance influenced by New York City gay/queer ballroom culture, live punk shows, butoh and praise dance, lil BLK tells the autobiographical story of a fairy boi, child of god, little black girl, performer and activist.

COME TOGETHER and HELP us celebrate EDE's 20th Anniversary as we dance to the music of YESTERDAY. TOMORROW NEVER KNOWS where you’ll be, so get your TICKET TO RIDE because HERE COMES THE SUN.