Kaleidoscope Choreographers Festival

Alliance Dance Company presents our 2nd Annual Choreographers Festival - Kaleidoscope.

Last year was a big success with the final show a sellout.  This year is even bigger.

If a Kaleidoscope operates on the principle of multiple reflection,
then this dance festival is truly such!

You will not want to miss a chance to see one of the most diverse dance festivals
in Chicago with works created by 25 choreographers from the Midwest region.

Over 60 pieces were submitted for consideration by committee to bring you
a different show each night!

Twyla Tharp: Exploring Movement With a Vengeance



Gutsy, brash, and intent on standing convention on its ear, Twyla Tharp started her illustrious career as a choreographer in 1965 with “Tank Dive,” a full 7 minutes of dance as minimal as movement gets, standing in second position relevé for the entirety of the pop song, “Downtown.”  


This past Friday night, Tharp stood behind a podium on the Museum of Contemporary Art stage, impish in her slouchy jeans and sneakers, characteristic oversized glasses halfway down her nose and shaggy mop of now white hair, and launched into “Minimalism and Me.”


Hubbard Street Delivers Stunning Picture of Crystal Pite

Crystal Pite’s one-woman show celebrating Hubbard Street’s 40th anniversary season blew out all the candles, and then some (December 7-10, Harris Theater).

The three-piece, curated program gave Chicago audiences a first-time viewing of the full-length “A Picture of You Falling” (2008), and an in-depth exposure to this dance maker’s curious process and unique choreographic voice with “The Other You,” (2010) and “Grace Engine” (2011). 

Links Hall’s Midwest Nexus Program Culminates with Five-part Trade Routes Festival

Many good ideas in the arts start and end with a grant. The seed – the concept and vision – that grows into a production is, for many artists, reliant on institutional, state, or local funding. And once that dance has blossomed, it often must be put on a shelf until it withers, as the artist looks to the next idea and the next grant.

December Dance Lights Up The Holidays

December is Nutcracker month the world over, with Chicago’s Joffrey Ballet leading the annual Nutcracker parade and no fewer than five local productions following, but December also brings a rich array of contemporary dance, tap, belly dance, and mixed media to enliven your holidays. 



After a stunning world premiere last year, The Joffrey Ballet’s uniquely Chicago Nutcracker returns for a second season (December 1-30, Auditorium Theatre). 

See Chicago Dance Operations Internship and Marketing Internship

Audience Architects (AARCH) / See Chicago Dance (SCD), Chicago’s non-profit service organization for dance, is seeking a qualified Operations Intern -AND- Marketing Intern for the Spring season. AARCH/SCD's mission is to build and engage dance audiences in Chicago and advocate for Chicago dance. AARCH exists to provide Chicago dance companies with increased visibility, expansive resources, and additional forums to showcase and share their talents.