Cerqua Rivera Dance Theatre

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Cerqua Rivera Dance Theatre integrates dance, music and art to reflect the diversity of contemporary American life. CRDT's work is entertaining and accessible, compelling and challenging. Cerqua Rivera develops works that explore socio-political themes, reflect the diversity of contemporary life, and celebrate the possibilities of the human spirit. Through this combustible combination, the ensemble engages new audiences and veteran theater goers alike. As CRDT has matured, it has mastered a signature, fusion performance style that integrates contemporary dance, live music, and art.

Cerqua Rivera Dance Theatre is led by Artistic Director Wilfredo Rivera, and Producing Director, Composer in Residence Joe Cerqua. Founded in 1996 and integrated in 1998, Cerqua Rivera's multifaceted, innovative performances include an array of musical styles and original compositions. The company is also devoted to its outreach program, providing in-school workshops and performances, as well as selecting promising students from local public high schools to train and perform with the company as the Cerqua Rivera Youth Ensemble.


Cerqua Rivera Dance Theatre

Fine Arts Building, 410 S Michigan Ave, #468
Chicago, IL 60605
(312) 243-9310

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