Our Readers Write: Remembering Ruth Ann

The most beautiful, perfect woman I have ever known was Ruth Ann Koesun, my first ballet teacher. Petite, with exotic looks reminding me of some sort of delicate fairy, I was enchanted the first time I saw her. I began my formal ballet training, with Ruth Ann as my teacher, when I was around eleven, studying with her for only 18 months or so. Her influence on me has continued to this day. By chance, I read her obituary in February and all sorts of emotions and memories surfaced, taking me by surprise.

Chicago’s April Celebration of Dance!


Chicago Dance Month officially kicks off March 27th for a month-long bonanza of great dance events, ticket deals, workshops, and free concerts. Chicago’s annual April celebration of dance  is the perfect time to explore the rich variety of styles and creative partnerships at work in the Chicago dance community, making our city one of the nation’s most exciting dance centers.


“One Line Drawn” Raises the Barre for Both Brian Brooks and Miami City Ballet

“It’s a great match,” Brian Brooks said in a recent interview with SeeChicagoDance, anticipating Miami City Ballet’s premiere of his “One Line Drawn,” co-produced by Chicago’s Harris Theater for Music and Dance. “I’m such a foreign visitor to ballet. It’s amazing,” he reflected, “we take these journeys to get the rug pulled out from under, and then feel “home.” 


March Double Header Defies Choosing

March has diabolically conspired to taunt Chicago Dance audiences with a choice they simply cannot make! Two of our city’s most dazzling companies—Giordano Dance Chicago and Hubbard Street—perform at the same time on the same dates a mere  grand jeté down Michigan Avenue from each other, March 23rd and 24th. What to do when faced with such a dilemma? Follow baseball’s wisdom, of course, and in the famous words of Yogi Berra, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it!” In other words, DON’T CHOOSE! Do whatever it takes and SEE THEM BOTH!

Dancing Into the New Year

Make your 2018 New Year’s resolution to SEE MORE DANCE! Dance in Chicago is thriving, with exciting  seasons on the horizon from our own major resident companies, including Hubbard Street, The Joffrey Ballet, Giordano Dance Chicago, Visceral Dance Chicago, and Deeply Rooted Dance Theater.  The Dance Center of Columbia College, The Auditorium Theatre,  The Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Harris Theater bring illustrious out-of-town guests, including Mikhail Baryshnikov, Alvin Ailey, American Ballet Theatre, Claire Cunningham and Jess Curtis, and Brian Brooks.

December Dance Lights Up The Holidays

December is Nutcracker month the world over, with Chicago’s Joffrey Ballet leading the annual Nutcracker parade and no fewer than five local productions following, but December also brings a rich array of contemporary dance, tap, belly dance, and mixed media to enliven your holidays. 



After a stunning world premiere last year, The Joffrey Ballet’s uniquely Chicago Nutcracker returns for a second season (December 1-30, Auditorium Theatre).