The Balance In Between

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The Balance In Between is a prelude to a 3-year, 3-phase project investigating the spaces of contemporary practice through the lens of Salt, Site, Sky: materiality in opposition to virtual production, the location/relocation of work/practice, and the horizon of possibilities.  A soft, ethereal persona, head and face barely visible within an enormous headpiece of tulle is a longing presence moving inside an austere environment.  The character becomes increasingly entangled, limiting both herself and the space in the room, while a black clad pair execute precise, stripped down, scrubbed clean movement.  Veteran Zephyr lighting designer Rich Norwood and architect/dramaturg David Sundry enhance the Defibrillator space by modifying and extending the existing black glass storefront into a confining dark portal and methodically organizing a ceiling of rationally placed silver clip lights.  The work is set to the music of Erik Satie and includes video installations by Rosa Gaia Saunders and costume and textiles by Amanda Lee Franck.

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Modern / Contemporary


DEFIBRILLATOR performance art gallery

1463 W. Chicago Ave
Chicago, IL 60642
(773) 485-6284