Dance on the Road: NCCAkron's year-long experiment with dance writing

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Beginning in July 2017, The National Center for Choreography (NCCAkron) launched a low-res laboratory for dance writers working in different capacities. A critic, an academic, a dramaturg, a curator and a grant writer convened at The University of Akron to engage in a year-long process asking questions: What is dance writing? Who do we write for? What are the platforms and modes of distribution for dance writing?

As an extension of this residency, dance writers are invited to convene with NCCAkron Executive/Artistic Director Christy Bolingbroke, hear more about the Low-Res Dance Writing Lab, and participate in a generative discussion about the future of dance writing in Chicago and beyond. 

This forum, sponsored by See Chicago Dance and the Menomonee Club, is specifically geared toward practicing dance writers, working in any or all of the disciplines above. 

Space is limited and RSVPs are required.


Dance Styles
Tap / Rhythm
Musical Theater
Modern / Contemporary
Circus Arts
Ballroom / Social Dance
Traditional/Indigenous Dance
Hip Hop
Aerial Dance


Menomonee Club for Boys and Girls

1535 N. Dayton St.
Chicago, IL 60642