Double Skin Double Mind with Maddy Joss

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Mar 24, 9:00am
Mar 31, 9:00am
Apr 7, 9:00am
Apr 14, 9:00am
Apr 21, 9:00am
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Double Skin Double Mind is a movement method created out of Amsterdam by Emio Greco and Pieter C. Sholten. It is a method in which the sensitivity of the body is discovered through four principles; breathing, jumping, expanding and reducing. Throughout this hour-long class, you will be verbally and physically guided through a seamless journey towards unlocking softness and strength simultaneously. Guided by imagery, dancers can arrive at their own unique form while collectively working through the difficulty of endurance presented in this non-stop class. Maddy is currently the only instructor certified to teach DSDM in America.

Running Time
1 hour
Dance Styles
Modern / Contemporary


Intrigue Dance and Performing Arts Center

1937 S.Archer
Chicago, IL 60616
(312) 765-6755