THE END IS HERE and that's ok.

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It’s 2018, Doomsday strikes and the cast of Kelly Anderson Dance Theatre are the chosen ones. Swept into the theater through the chaos of Armageddon, Dolly Parton’s Personal Assistant presents the cast with giant Post-its, a handful of Sharpies and the difficult task of examining “what worked” and “what didn’t” before the Earth reached its demise. In order to collectively agree on a successful new world order, they reflect upon their pre-apocalyptic heroes to inspire the value system needed in order to move forward on their Enterprise. THE END IS HERE and that’s ok. is an original evening-length dance theater production by Kelly Anderson Dance Theatre, presented by Links Hall for their 40th Anniversary Season.  

Performers: Kelly Anderson, Zach Bird, Stacy DeMorrow, Danielle Gilmore, Rachel Molinaro, Cheryl Nowlin, Michael O’Neill and Earlyn Whitehead.

Press Quotes: “Anderson, a master of comedic timing and self-deprecation… Anderson proves that dance doesn’t need to be dead serious.” -Lauren Warnecke, Chicago Magazine, "Kelly Anderson's comedic timing is solid gold." -Lauren Warneke, The Chicago Tribune (Review of “Livin’ the Dream”), "A rare treat of a fun night out at the dance." -Laura Molzhan, The Chicago Tribune (Review of VAUDEVILLE!), "At this point, as an audience member, I don’t care if my laughter has reached an inappropriate loudness; this is just beautifully priceless." -Alexia Casanova, F News Review of 'Message Me If…'

Tech / Design Credits: Lighting Design- Rachel K. Levy. Rachel's credits include Kelly Anderson Dance Theatre's “Livin’ the Dream,” "VAUDEVILLE!" and "Message Me If...", Khecari (Cronus Land, Orders from the Horse, cresset: vibrant, rusting), "No Beast So Fierce" (Oracle Theatre), "STORM" (Walkabout Theater) and seasons 7-10 of "So You Think You Can Dance" (Lighting Director, Los Angeles, CA) among several other preoject. Rachel has received two Primetime Emmy Award Certificates for Best Lighting for a Variety, Music or Comedy Show ("So You Think You Can Dance"; 2011/ 2012) and holds a MFA in Production and Design from California Institute of the Arts.

Company Info: Kelly Anderson Dance Theatre is a Chicago-based dance company inspired by variety, theater and comedy. KADT’s most recent works include: "Skits and Pieces", presented in Steppenwolf’s 2017-2018 LookOut Series, “In Sarah’s Shadow: The Eleonara Duse Story,” a collaboration with Writer/Director Olivia Lilley, “Livin’ the Dream” (2017), following "VAUDEVILLE!" (2015) and the Chicago company debut, "Message Me If..." (2014). Prior to Anderson's arrival from NYC in 2012, she created the evening-length collaborative production This is how we disappear and The Little Things with Portland-based performance company bobbevy. Anderson has created two solo shows with the Danceworks Performance Company (Milwaukee, WI), "Vaudeville" and "The Bra Project". Her most notable independently produced works include a dance/theater/opera collaboration, 26, with Milwaukee Opera Theater, choreography for Gal Friday Film's Missed Connections, Red Knife Lottery's music video "Junkie Jazz", the creation of The Mondo Lucha Dancers for the Mondo Lucha Variety Show, two collaborative evening- lengths, "Vacant" and "Bad Meat", choreography for "A Wrinkle in Time" with actor/director Mark Metcalf and The First Stage production of "Peter Pan". Anderson has also co-produced five Variety Show's in Milwaukee (2002-2007), two in Portland, OR (2007 & 2008) and has continued to produce them independently since 2010. Her work has been performed in The Minnesota Fringe Festival, and her commissioned work, "Shower", was presented at The Puffin Room in NYC. Since the company's arrival to Chicago, performance credits include Chicago Danztheatre Ensemble’s "Women in Response" (2018), The D49 Festival (2014), Harvest Chicago Contemporary Dance Festival (2014), THAW (2013-2018) and two curated mixed medium events at Constellation - "It's Happening!" (2016) and "Mediums" (2016).

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