JoAnna Mendl Shaw & Sarah Rose Graber present Pullman Salons

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Pullman Salons are site-specific performances works staged for intimate interior spaces in Pullman created by New York City based choreographer JoAnna Mendl Shaw and Glasgow Scotland based theater director and actor, Sarah Rose Graber. The duo has been intermittently embedded in the Pullman community since 2015, teaching in the Pullman schools and creating site specific performance works that celebrate the history of Pullman. The Salons are performance/installations staged for intimate interior spaces. Each Salon focuses on one family or individual in Pullman.

Pullman Salon, Vol III animates the raw space at 11314 South Langley in celebration of North Pullmanite Deborah Jackson, educator, writer, activist and prolific artist. Deborah has lived in Pullman for 43 years, raising her children in the house she still lives in one 103rd Place. In Salon Vol. III audiences will take a magical journey into the creative mind of Jackson through shadow play, object animation, puppetry and dance and enter into a hands-on, visceral experience of the artist at work.

In December 2018, The Equus Projects produced Pullman Salon Vol II, a celebration of the history and legacy of the Quiroz family. Staged in the ground floor rooms of JB Daniels’ Mosnart, Shaw and Graber animated selected artifacts from Alfonso Quiroz’ historic collection to tell the story of Alfonso and Marilyn Quiroz and their blended German and Mexican heritages.

Pullman Salon, Vol III performances take place June 12-14th at 7:30 pm and June 15th at 1:00pm. Audiences are limited to 20 spectators per performance and reservations are required via:

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Pullman Residence

11314 South Langley
Chicago, IL 60628-5126