Love With/out Trembling

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Love With/out Trembling is an evening of dance by Molly Shanahan/Mad Shak features new working iterations of three of Shanahan's ongoing projects: "Blackbird's Ventriloquy," "And We Shall Be Rid of Them," and "Love With/out Trembling." 

From New City's Fall Dance Preview by Carrie Hanson
"As you may glean from the program’s title, Chicago choreographer Molly Shanahan’s innate poetry figures in her writing, her subject matter and most certainly her dancing, which is at once contemplative and inward, generous and quietly joyful. Her dances draw attention to spaces—interior spaces, shared spaces, and the immediate space around the curves of a body. Shanahan achieves what I encourage my students to do—she invites-to-be-seen—really because she expresses deep curiosity in motion, and wishes to share that exploration. That she is performing with Jeff Hancock, another veteran performer, makes me curious as the two are quite different in their energies and impulses, but it seems their pairing is an extension of curiosity too; they ask how do we move together when we combine our familiarity, our similarity, our difference?" 

With Kristina Fluty and Jeff Hancock

Lighting design by Joshua Paul Weckesser.

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Modern / Contemporary


Links Hall

3111 N. Western Ave. at Constellation
Chicago, IL 60618
(773) 281-0824