MIX at SIX: Brian Brooks Dance Company

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Brian Brooks and his company of eight dancers will perform a lively program of three pieces, including the word premiere of Prelude, commissioned as part of Brooks’s choreographic residency at HT. This one-hour performance will also feature two acclaimed works by the award winning choreographer, Torrent and Division. Original music composed by Jerome Begin, who was called a “fabulous composer-pianist” and an “unimpeachable” choice of collaborator by The New York Times, will accompany each piece.

Prelude explores reversing energy flow, returning to points of origin, and methodically unraveling tightly regimented systems. Brooks and his collaborators will determine how the act of “undoing” is manifested physically and psychologically through movement. They will attempt to trace actions back to their original inception, as if in a perpetual state of rewind. Frequent collaborators Joe Levasseur and Karen Young will design lighting and costumes. In developing the work, the company will aspire to reveal essential truths about the human body and mind. 


Harris Theater for Music and Dance

205 E. Randolph St.
Chicago, IL 60601
(312) 334-2400