Popping Workshop with Rashaasd

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Out of the Shadows Vol II - Popping Workshop with Rashaad

Rashaad celebrates his craft with preservation and innovation. Participating in the global dance community since 2003, with a deep respect to the African diasporic artforms Strutting, Popping, Hip Hop, and Locking. Today he serves the community as Founder/Creative Director of Soulmatic, story teller, educator, and performing artist. He is celebrated as the first Hip Hop Adjunct Professor at UMBC. Rashaad fulfills his mission to pass on what his elders and ancestors have passed onto him. Using community building, courage, and imagination, he's able to explore the culture through and through as a true soul man, one solo at a time.

Running Time
1 hour
Dance Styles
African American
Ballroom / Social Dance
Hip Hop