Waitlisted, an Evening of New Choreography

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Movement artists Lydia Feuerhelm, Chloe Grace Michels, and Andy Slavin come together to present Waitlisted, a 2-night choreographic debut centered around identity: how we describe ourselves, the inherently symbiotic relationship between self and community, and the images we hold of ourselves and our physical body.

In Waitlisted, Feuerhelm, Michels, and Slavin will each present a new piece drawing on both lived experiences and societal cues.

In Made of Static, Lydia Feuerhelm creates an immersive dance with the audience, focusing on how our place in the world (or in the room) might define what we believe about others, and about ourselves. With audience members situated throughout the space, dancers must negotiate the vulnerability of being seen as individuals and as a unit while navigating the physical landscape of the audience, asking, “where are the boundaries between individual personhood and associated identity?”

In BIG GIRL PANTIES, Chloe Grace Michels responds to the socially appointed notions of “proper” physique in western dance forms. Drawing on 20+ years of ballet and modern training, the performer, whose body lies outside of this spectrum, confronts the dance field’s confinements and questions the validity of size determining  “fit”ness, ultimately asking the audience to decide who is worthy of taking the stage.

In BreakingTime(excerpt), Andy Slavin explores the attempt to beat exhaustion as an act of hyper masculinity, and the resulting fallout when exhaustion wins. Through the art of practice, scrimmage, and gameplay, players (performers) are asked to not portray, but prove they are the best. Testing both the brutality and camaraderie of sports culture, BreakingTime manipulates its players into a self dependent team unraveling upon itself. *BreakingTime will premiere in its entirety in February 2019.

Bringing together 3 distinct perspectives on identity and performance, Waitlisted examines the larger forces that shape us.

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Modern / Contemporary


Dovetail Studios

2853 W. Montrose
Chicago, IL 60618