What The Moon Pulls

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Lucy Vurusic-Riner’s What the Moon Pulls is an exploration of the ebb and flow of the moon’s cycles and it’s inherent hold on us as human beings. The evening length work for eight dancers is performed in the round, using space as a metaphor for each of the phases of the moon. The audience experiences a unique vantage point that investigates the relationship between our moon and the oceans and the parallels that exist in all human relationships. We are asked to consider our own behavioral patterns and their connections to the moons phases and our zodiac houses. Ethereal lighting by Sarah Lackner evokes images of celestial beings and the tides of the ocean while an original music score by Mark Burns is blended with other contemporary artists in the genres of ambient and electronic sound to create an environment that symbolizes the push and pull of oppositional forces. Individualized lunar chart solos by each of the dancers helps seamlessly connect the longer sections of this 60-minute dance work; allowing us to question the moon’s influence on each of our own personal beings.

Along with celebrated works The Biggest Wail from the Bottom of My Heart (2019) and What Love Looks Like (2019), What the Moon Pulls concludes our ten year anniversary year as we continue to delve into dance theatre works exploring the many facets of human relationships.

The cast includes

Zach Bird, Stacy DeMorrow, Michael Estanich, Erika Farkvam, Danielle Gilmore, Melanie Neumeier, Lucy Riner, Anthony Taylor-Davis


Running Time
60 minutes
Dance Styles
Modern / Contemporary


Filament Theatre

4041 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60641