Chicago Dance Breezes Into June

Chicago Dance breezes into June with summer fare for everyone, with lots of don’t miss events, from the avant garde  Pivot Arts Festival (June 3-10) to a free performance of Chicago’s top percussive dance companies in The Grand Finale of Stomping Grounds at Millennium Park’s Pritzker Pavillion (June 7). Hubbard Street’s Season 40 concludes with a full-length evening of Ohad Naharin’s “Minus 16” at the Harris (June 7-10).

Chicago’s April Celebration of Dance!


Chicago Dance Month officially kicks off March 27th for a month-long bonanza of great dance events, ticket deals, workshops, and free concerts. Chicago’s annual April celebration of dance  is the perfect time to explore the rich variety of styles and creative partnerships at work in the Chicago dance community, making our city one of the nation’s most exciting dance centers.


Multiple Generations Take a Jaunt “Into the Forest”

In 1972, dancer and choreographer Harvard Vallance hitchhiked to Chicago to work on George McGovern’s campaign. He wasn’t dancing then; he was working as an orderly at Weiss hospital, and was turned off by the idea of being sick through the summer. “So I quit!” said Vallance in a post-rehearsal interview with See Chicago Dance. He began taking dance classes with Shirley Mordine, Nana Shineflug and Joel Hall, among others, and met Lin Shook shortly after.

March Double Header Defies Choosing

March has diabolically conspired to taunt Chicago Dance audiences with a choice they simply cannot make! Two of our city’s most dazzling companies—Giordano Dance Chicago and Hubbard Street—perform at the same time on the same dates a mere  grand jeté down Michigan Avenue from each other, March 23rd and 24th. What to do when faced with such a dilemma? Follow baseball’s wisdom, of course, and in the famous words of Yogi Berra, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it!” In other words, DON’T CHOOSE! Do whatever it takes and SEE THEM BOTH!

Brian Brooks’ Physics of Un-falling

Brian Brooks sees movement from an uncommon perspective, and his Harris Theater premiere this week takes an especially uncommon view of falling. “It makes one’s head twist, the undoing of things,” he says in a recent phone interview with seechicagodance. “Prelude” takes on the reversal of energy flow, “retracing the points of initiation,” and exploring how the act of undoing manifests itself physically and psychologically through movement. With un-falling, “the physics is not intuitive.”