November’s Bountiful Dance Buffet



Chicago audiences have lots to be thankful for in November, with a bountiful buffet of dance styles to choose from. Whatever your favorite flavor of dance may be, here's a great opportunity  to expand your dance palette with a taste of something new, from electrified tap to mixed media, ballet, Cuban, Appalachian step dance, modern, and off-the-grid experimental. .




October's Political Stage

Heated politics take the stage in October, but the presidential debates aren’t the only arena for political discourse. Dance theater offers graphic interpretation of a variety of highly-charged political issues in several major productions this month, from Joffrey’s production of Krzysztof Pastor’s reimagining of Romeo and Juliet to The Seldoms' hackstory, “The Fifth,”  Natya’s investigation of cultural miscommunication at the root of discord, and Nora Chipaumire’s examination of black maleness. 




Open Season For Chicago Dance

Chicago’s dance season opens full force in September with exciting festivals, company seasons, and premieres of new choreography. New and noteworthy this year for both balletomanes and neophytes is Audience Architect’s Dance Around Town Sampler Pack, a first of it’s kind, limited time offering for dance lovers AND for those who want to discover more dance in Chicago. Get discounted tickets to your favorite Chicago dance company’s Fall 2016 performance and try a few new shows as well!

Heart and Soul of Chicago Dance





August rallies the Chicago dance community in two of the year’s most inspiring cultural events: “Dance For Life” and “The Chicago Dancing Festival,” each one a stunning effort of its founders, Chicago-born dance artists with vision, purpose, and dedication that overflows with heart, soul, and some of the best choreography and dancing on the continent.

Tune Into June!




Tune into June!  This month, the official herald of summer breathes its balmy spirit of fun and frolic into the heart of Chicago Dance. 




The Merry Month Of May



Bras, broomsticks, and triple time steps sweep across the Chicago dance landscape in  the merry month of May!  Chicago Dance Month continues into the coming month with a bursting bouquet of exciting dance events you won’t want to miss.







Tap Dance and tragedy don’t usually find themselves in the same room, but Chicago Tap Theatre’s new tap drama, “Time Steps” (opening tonight and running through April 10 at Stage 773), locates the two at the tricky intersection of entertainment and serious theatre. 


If you had a chance to go back in time and re-live your most defining moment over again as often as you wished, what would you change? What could you change, and what would it cost you? Heady questions for a tap dance show. 





Fasten your seat belts! April takes off with Chicago Dance Month, jam-packed with site-specific happenings and performances in public venues and neighborhoods throughout the city. 


Chicago Dance Month offers many ways to discover our city’s energetic and varied dance scene with more than 50 performances, events, and classes,