Community Engagement Part-Time Faculty Member

End Date
Apr 30, 2018


The Community Engagement Teaching Artist reports directly to the Director of Community Engagement and is responsible for planning, implementation, and instruction of educational programs in accordance with the syllabi established by the CE staff.  The CE Teaching Artists must work closely with CE staff as well as teachers and coordinators at the schools or organizations where the programs are taking place.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to;  read, understand and properly deliver material from a syllabus, instruct students in a manner that is interesting and keeps them engaged throughout the class , maintain constant and clear communication with the teachers or coordinators at the school or organization where the program is being facilitated, maintain constant and clear communication with CE staff to ensure they are always aware of how the program is running and able to assist if necessary, complete forms and paperwork in a thorough and timely fashion according to set deadlines, attend meetings and workshops to complete the training required for teaching various syllabi, prepare materials in advance of classes for distributing to students, travel and arrive on time at various locations throughout Chicago where programs are held, use e-mail as needed from personal computer.


Professional dance experience required, undergraduate degree recommended.  Must have 3-5 years of performance, coaching and teaching experience in the area of dance.  In addition to choreographic and improvisational skills, must have extensive knowledge of a variety of dance styles.  Must have experience in working with children in a public school setting.  Strong communication, presentation and group management skills are recommended.  Strong organizational skills and computer skills, and excellent writing and oral skills are recommended.  Should be able to think quickly and creatively and adapt to new situations in a fast-paced environment.


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