Senior Editor

End Date
Mar 1, 2022


Position: Senior Editor
Status: Part Time, Freelance
Location: Remote; occasionally on-site at meetings
Pay: $250 monthly stipend
Equity Statement: See Chicago Dance is an Equal Opportunity Employer and complies with the spirit and law of anti-discrimination protections to foster a diverse workforce.

Journalism Program Vision Statement/Why We Write: See Chicago Dance views dance criticism as an essential aspect of our vision to fearlessly inspire an ever-growing, inclusive community to share in and spread the power of dance in Chicago. Created as a response to waning dance criticism in newspapers, our journalism program makes space for experienced critics to reflect on Chicago’s robust dance community and to mentor and promote new and underrepresented critics. With a keen awareness of dance criticism’s history of prioritizing Euro-American forms and marginalizing others, SCD seeks to promote equity in who writes about dance and what kinds of dance are recorded. Arts communities can wither without discerning responses to their work. As part of our mission to serve the dance field in Chicago, we recognize that dance writers make artists and organizations better.



See Chicago Dance publishes over 100 articles annually on its robust dance journalism platform. We cover dance more thoroughly than any other media outlet in Chicago and are among the most comprehensive dance writing sources in the country. The breadth and incisiveness of our work is why local organizations like the Harris Theater for Music and Dance and international dance writing initiatives have chosen to partner with us.

The senior editor (SE) guides a diverse roster of freelance journalists to write features, previews and reviews, responding to Chicago dance in real time and contributing to the historical record of the artform we love. (Interest in writing for the platform is welcome but not required for this position. All written content is compensated separately at a variable rate between $20 and $125, depending on article type.)

The platform includes previews and reviews of performances, features on individual or organizational milestones, flash reports on breaking news, reflections from Screendance Club (SCD’s radically casual dance-for-camera watch party), “Shows Ya Gotta See” (a bite-size monthly round-up of our writers’ top choices), and “Our Readers Write” (an occasional posting, which has historically been managed by staff writers and editors).

While maintaining its editorial independence, the platform is one of several program areas that serve SCD’s core mission to advocate for and strengthen a diverse range of dance artists and organizations in Chicago. It complements SCD’s online calendar, the most extensive listing of dance activities in the area. Together, the journalism program and our listings and promotional efforts provide a “one stop shop” for dancers and dance audiences.

See Chicago Dance offers a unique opportunity to work with a small but mighty team of creative, thoughtful people who share a commitment to meaningful and people-centered work. With regard to administrative and financial matters, the SE reports to the Executive Director. (Content is never dictated by the ED and the SE has editorial independence from the organization.)


Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Manage editorial calendar
  • Assign review, previews and feature articles
  • Edit articles, gather images and prepare them for online publication
  • Supervise and top edit occasional additional articles (e.g. Screendance Club, Shows Ya Gotta See, Our Readers Write)
  • Approve invoices and manage editorial budget
  • Facilitate press relations between writers and publicists and/or companies, when necessary
  • Monitor and manage the email address

Time Commitment and Compensation: 
The senior editor is a part-time, freelance position requiring up to 10 hours a week depending on the flow of assignments and time of year (spring and fall are heavier due to the greater number of performances). The SE receives a stipend of $250 per month. Any additional writing (reviews, previews, breaking news, Shows Ya Gotta Se, etc.) is compensated separately at a variable rate between $20 and $125, depending on article type.

General Expectations:

  • Demonstrate excellent communication and organizational skills
  • Exhibit curiosity and a willingness to learn, take initiative, and ask questions, especially with regard to the Chicago dance field and understanding of Chicago’s arts non-profit ecosystem
  • Possess a focused, casual professionalism and a sense of humor
  • Communicate regularly with SCD staff regarding deadlines, content publication, and community news
  • Have some experience and an interest in supervising, and in some cases mentoring, staff writers and editors

To apply:
Email cover letter and resumé to Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until the position is filled. Our goal is to have someone in place by April 2022 at the latest.

One more thing:
This job description is written based on the roles and responsibilities of the person who most recently held this position (which she did for three years). It may be unrealistic to find someone with exactly the same skill set. If some of what you read here is of interest, but perhaps not all of it, please consider applying, and address this situation in your cover letter.


See Chicago Dance is the leading service organization for dance in Chicago. Our mission is to advocate for and strengthen a divrse range of dance organizations and artists through services and programs that build and engage audiences. We provide dance organizations and individual artists with increased visibility and expansive performance and audience engagement opportunities.

As a community-focused organization, we offer a wide variety of programming and support to dance artists and companies of all sizes, dance styles, and points of view. In addition to our programs, our journalism platform, the most comprehensive source for dance writing and criticism in the city, serves as an essential aspect of our vision to fearlessly inspire an ever-growing inclusive community to share in and spread the power of dance in Chicago. See Chicago Dance strives to provide equitable access to dance experiences for Chicago dancers and audiences that is inclusive and welcoming to everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, geography, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, or age.