A gentle touch in Dancemakers Forum broadcast of ‘Delicate Hold’

“Delicate Hold” is an apt title for Jane Jerardi’s dance video project in fulfillment of her 2019-20 Lab Artist grant from Chicago Dancemakers’ Forum.

Jerardi describes her process as “observing the ordinary and even awkward” in life, and from it, sorting out “the unexpectedly beautiful.” Calling her video installation “a meditation,” she seeks to look at ways in which women “articulate our desires,” filtered through the lenses of Buddhist and feminist writings and dance improvisation. Heady stuff. And a tall order to represent visually.

'Exit/Exist' ruminates on body/voice in JOMBA!'s third day

I wish I was capable of telling the Black story, but it requires the translation of many tongues due to its complex histories and multiple traditions usually penned by others … those who othered us. Dances composed with Black bodies offer a plurality that should attach itself to dialogue with the dancers, the music and the audience, because the rubric for interpretation is never singular.

22nd annual JOMBA! festival archives the times in a genuine collaboration between film and dance

She claws at the empty air, attempting yet failing to pull herself out from the inside of the kitchen freezer. She kicks the bottom door of the fridge open, knees slowly swinging beneath the bar separating fridge and freezer compartments. The camera lingers here, slowly panning along her legs, pelvis and chest. Her face is no longer visible. She is a body dangling in a dark, confined corner of her home--at once a reminder of the most mundane spot I visit daily in quarantine (looking for sustenance and boredom snacks) and at the same time a vivid portrayal of something dark.

CounterBalance 2020

Celebrate dancing with disability and the 10th production of CounterBalance! Join us online to experience inclusive dance, hear from award-winning choreographers, watch passionate performers, and celebrate the progress and promise of integrated dance.
6 events in 5 days
Inclusive Dance Workshop
Integrated Dance Panel Discussion
Reflections - Performance Highlights
Sensational Dance Shorts
EveryBody Can Dance workshop

Returning to JOMBA! A look at Deeply Rooted Dance Theater’s relationship with the premier South African dance festival

Building a supportive network of global connections is at the core of Deeply Rooted Dance Theater. I was hired at Deeply Rooted in May 2020 as the company's individual giving manager, and have since come to hold the principles of the company as my own. We are a company dedicated to re-imagining the aesthetics of contemporary dance by uniting modern, ballet and African traditions in dance and storytelling. The company’s participation in JOMBA! has been critical to their achievement of that goal. 

Ballet 5:8 changes plans and shoes to make the most of what's left of a very different Chicago summer

Until Saturday, I hadn’t seen a live dance performance for five months and 14 days (not that I’m counting or anything). I would say it’s like riding a bike—in fact, a lot of things about attending Ballet 5:8’s new outdoor dance season were wholly ordinary. But the renewed novelty of live performance, which was so briskly and completely taken away last March, is not lost on me. Settling into an old routine with pen and pad, all I could really feel was an enormous sense of gratitude.

We asked Natya Dance Theatre: What are you doing and how are you doing it?

In normal times, Natya Dance Theatre (NDT) performs multiple times a year in various theaters in the Chicagoland area and teaches hundreds of students the art of bharatanatyam— in person—from studios in Chicago, Naperville and Downers Grove. These are not normal times. How does one of the most “critically acclaimed Indian dance companies in the United States” deal with a global pandemic? Like everyone else, they go virtual. “I’m not very well-versed in technological things,” said Hema Rajagopalan, NDT’s artistic director. Luckily, her co-artistic director (and daughter) Krithika is.

96 HOURS pop-up festival, Team A

Links Hall presents 96 HOURS, a pop-up festival on September 12 & 13, 2020. This experimental event pairs artists, technicians, and designers of various disciplines–from puppeteers to performance artists, dancers to devised theatermakers–and challenges them to create an original, virtual work in a mere 96 hours.

delicate hold

delicate hold is a poetic map of desire.
An archive of sorts. A list.
What desires are known and unknown to us?
Can we pursue them with a tender abandon?
delicate hold is an online performance of movement mixed with text, images, and voice.

an online, streaming performance event
friday august 28, 2020 at 8:00 p.m. CT
saturday august 29, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. CT

co-created with the performers:
keisha janae
precious jennings
chih-hsien lin
ginger wagg