The Chicago Theatre

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The grandeur of The Chicago Theatre often leaves its visitors breathless. The elegant lobby, majestic staircase and beautiful auditorium, complete with murals above the stage and on the ceiling, are components of an amazing building called "the Wonder Theatre of the World" when it opened on October 26, 1921. The grand lobby, modeled after the Royal Chapel at Versailles, is five stories high and surrounded by gallery promenades at the mezzanine and balcony levels.

The grand staircase is patterned after that of the Paris Opera House and ascends to the various levels of the Great Balcony. The 3,600 seat auditorium is seven stories high, more than one half of a city block wide, and nearly as long. The vertical sign "C-H-I-C-A-G-O," at nearly six stories high, is one of the few such signs in existence today. A symbol of State Street and Chicago, the sign and marquee are landmarks in themselves, as is the 29-rank Wurlitzer theatre pipe organ. The Chicago Theatre remains a vital part of both the history of State Street and the future of the Theatre District. The Chicago Theatre was purchased by TheatreDreams Chicago, LLC on April 1, 2004. Through a joint venture with CIM/H&H Retail, LP, TheatreDreams LA/CHI, LP operates The Chicago Theatre and Kodak Theatre in Hollywood. TheatreDreams principals include Tony Award?‚?? winners Lawrence J. Wilker, Jill Wilker, Joan Alper, William Becker and Michael Alper. Under their direction, The Chicago Theatre will continue to be an active and vibrant venue offering a variety of entertainment, including stage events, concerts, dance, comedy and special events.


The Chicago Theatre

175 North State Street
Chicago, IL 60601
(312) 462-6300

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