Lakeview Productions

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Although we as a company have existed in some form or another for over a decade before, Lakeview Productions was established in 2003 by director of photography Christopher Gearhart as a venue for his cinematography.  Soon after, clients happy with the level of quality and professionalism wanted Lakeview Productions involved in all aspects of the production process, so we broadened our scope to a full-service production company.  Since then we've been working nonstop on films, commercials, music videos and the like with a primary focus on delivering the highest production values possible for our clients. That may sound like big talk, but our work has won us various awards (including an Emmy nomination). We pride ourselves on our work, and have enjoyed working with clients such as the A1 Steak Sauce, the NHL, the Chicago Bears, HBO, FOX Network, Comcast, and it keeps growing. 


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