Performance Response Journal

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The Performance Response Journal is a collection of responses to dance and performance presented in Chicago. Initiated by dance artists Joanna Furnans and Hope Goldman in 2016, PRJ was created to:

  • hear what people think about the dance/performance work they see, create, or participate in
  • encourage audiences to engage in honest, creative, and critical thinking in response to the vast array of dance/performance work in our communities
  • honor the artists who are creating and presenting dance/performance work with thoughtful and unique feedback
  • provide a forum for dance/performance writing by authors who are not specifically “critics”
  • offer a space for community members to reflect on the vitality of our artistic home

The Performance Response Journal is not:

  • limited by word count, timeline/deadline, or point of view
  • evaluated by an editor: all submissions should be self-edited by the author
  • anonymous: use your voice, use your name, consider the consequences
  • interactive: commentary on the writing presented here should be expressed elsewhere

To submit a response, email

  •  your name and a short bio 
  • the response
  • the title of your response
  • a corresponding image with image credit
  • (if applicable) details of the performance (artists/venue/date) to which you are responding


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