SpiritWing Dance Ensemble

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Laurie Goux, Artistic Director/Presenter/Choreographer/Instructor
SpiritWing Dance Ensemble co-directed with Sadira Muhammad performs modern, African dance, Haitian folklore, influenced by Dunham Technique and philosophy and therefore functions as a pick-up company. The company performs with live music by local and international musicians, vocalist and recording artists.
Laurie has been performing and choreographing throughout Chicago since 1981. In 1995 she formed Spirit Wing Dance Ensemble under the guidance of her mentors Tommy Gomez and Jimmy Payne Sr. Laurie was a dance administrator for Boulevard Arts Center for 5 years. She has presented Arts-In-Education programs for Chicago Public Schools since 1988. Ms. Goux was Assistant Director of Body Language Dance Company under Tommy Gomez and Englewood Children's Dance Company under Jimmy Payne Sr. She was artistic director and co-presenter of "Keep the Legacy Alive: Tribute to Katherine Dunham" and Katherine Dunham Awards 1996-1998.

Ms. Goux has performed in the works of Claudia Gittleman, Loretta Livingston, June Finch, Shirley Mordine, XSight! Performance Group, Jan Erkert, Carol Bobrow, Tommy Gomez, and Martha Clarke’s, "Haiku".
Her solo work, "Saturn Over Sunset", was award winning at the American College Dance Festival and as a result was awarded scholarships from Alwin Nikolais/Murry Lewis and Merce Cunningham. Laurie served as the Executive Director of the Legacy Theatre and promoter of the world premier, all Black cast of "Ebony On Ice". She served on the faculty and staff of Columbia College Dance Center where she taught Modern Dance as a part of the core curriculum. She directed 6 Chicago Gallery 37 projects as an Independent Artist, served as dance instructor/administrator for Chicago Park District since 1991 to 2001. In 2006 Laurie's endeavors included launching the promotion of "Cookin' With Jazz Television Production", featuring Chef Jimmy Carter and local jazz artists. Ms. Goux is co-producing, "Smilin' Island" a children’s educational show with Gold/Platinum Recording Artist/Producer, Max-A-Million. Ms. Goux taught Dunham Technique at the University of Chicago with the UC Dancers. SpiritWing Dance Ensemble presents an annual Katherine Dunham Tribute and the Bucktown Arts Festival for the 6th consecutive years.


SpiritWing Dance Ensemble

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