Announcing "The Hall” A New Home for the Joel Hall Dancers & Center

Thanks to the generous support of an anonymous foundation, we have a new space to WERKQ!!! The past few months have challenged us as humans and as artists. They have marked a time of deep reflection and investigation: Who are we? Where are we going?

YOU are the “we.” There is no Joel Hall Dancers & Center without YOU!

It is time. Time to walk down the “HallWay.” Time to dance in the new studios: the House of Inclusivity, the House of Diversity, the House of Encouragement, and the House of Free Expression.

Yessssss, it is TIME. Time to enter “THE HALL.”

Joel Hall Dancers & Center has closed its Edgewater location and— in accordance with city guidelines and safety precautions outlined by the CDC—will re-open at our new home, THE HALL, located at 2951 W. Montrose Ave.

As we complete this exciting transition, I cannot express enough gratitude for Joel Hall, his pedagogy, his jazz throwdowns, his commitment to creating a community that honors diversity and includes everyone, and for entrusting me with this legacy. Jazz is a conversation, and I am excited to carry on the conversation with this generation. Dropping jazz knowledge will continue.

In the current moment, I think it is important to acknowledge that many have been isolated by COVID-19 closures and pained by acts of racism. As recent events lead systemic issues to garner the attention of mainstream media, I find it especially crucial to note the history and tradition of jazz dance as Black dance and to express my commitment to uplifting the artistic voices and narratives of Joel Hall Dancers & Center’s Black staff and community members.

It is the Joel Hall tradition to listen to each other, to engage in critical reflection, and to treat each other with respect, compassion, and care. Our vision of THE HALL includes healing our community by sharing our home with those who have found themselves without one. THE HALL will be a space to share individual voices, creativity, bravery, and curiosity.

Let’s move into the future with one another.

With love and light,
Jacqueline Sinclair
Artistic Director
Joel Hall Dancers & Center