Dance Lifts Intensive with Chad and Lilla

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Come join us for an afternoon of theatrical dance lifts where we learn to execute these dynamic moves with greater flow, grace, and ease!

Session 1: 1 - 2:30 pm
Session 2: 2:45 - 4:15 pm

Session 1 will present a basic lift vocabulary, and we will focus on some of the essential concepts that make the simplest lifts beautiful. After working on some of the basic lifts, participants will learn a couple of creative lift combinations. Although this is a fundamental class, everybody's technique will benefit from this content, regardless of skill level.
✰︎ Prereqs: some kind of movement background experience (dance, acro, gymnastics etc.) recommended. 20 pushups for bases.

Session 2 will build off of the concepts from Session 1 and discover ways to apply these to any lift that you ever learn. We will also introduce a few additional intermediate lift combos. Different options will be available depending on participants' levels, which will include dynamic below- and above-shoulder combos as well as possible overhead lifts.
✰︎ Prereqs: attendance at first session or some experience with dance lifts.

$25/person for one session, $40 for both

✶︎✶︎✶︎ REGULAR TICKET PRICING 2/29-3/7 ✶︎✶︎✶︎
$30/person for one session, $50 for both

Venmo @Lilla-Dent, Paypal, or cash at door



Chad Wright's movement roots are in boxing and other martial arts and sports. He is also certified as a therapist in both occupational and massage therapies. 16 years ago he began dancing, and is now a professional ballroom cabaret (ballroom dance mixed with lifts) dancer based in Indianapolis. His business and life motto is that everything is connected: his incredibly diverse background allows him to offer a unique perspective on acro dance which keeps fliers and bases strong and healthy, and helps everyone discover new ways to move and think about moving. Chad and his previous partner placed first in the Volunteer State Dance Challenge in 2018. You can read more about his practice at

Lilla has an extensive background in circus arts (lyra, pole, and contortion) and various forms of dance and martial arts. She felt like she found her home in acro because of the never ending playful creativity of the discipline and the quirky, loving community. Lilla is a proud certified member of the Acro Revolution teaching family and currently plays and teaches in the Chicago area. Her style focuses on a blend of flexibility and strength combining to produce beautiful, unique shapes and creative flow through movement.

Running Time
3 hours
Dance Styles
Ballroom / Social Dance
Circus Arts


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