Screendance Club



You are invited to submit your short dance film to be considered for See Chicago Dance's latest program, Screendance Club: a radically casual watch-party and discussion of short dance films.


Different from a typical talk-back, Screendance Club aims to create an environment of open conversation and exploration with artists, filmmakers, and viewers on an equal footing.

The focus is less “artist’s talk” model, where the artist talks about the why / how / what of their intent and more on a conversation with an audience of peers. Applicants should be prepared for to reflect on issues, connections, and observations made by audience members that the artist did not intend or think about.

We want to talk about dance films in a way that demystifies, enlightens, and educates audiences.

Your piece must be a dance for camera or dance film, and can either be a short work or an excerpt of a larger piece—in either case, no more than 15 minutes long. We will also consider unfinished pieces or works-in-progress, but you must submit an excerpt of the actual piece you intend to screen for this submission. You do not need to be a Chicago based artist to be considered for this program.

Previous Screendance Club features:


March 2021
Film: Deez Nuts!
Filmmaker: Black Bodies Dancing Defiance

April 2021
Film: Prayer Room
Filmmaker: Lorin Sookool

June 2021
Film: Pieta for America
Filmmaker: Cecil McDonald JR.

July 2021
Film: (no title)
Filmmaker: Antoine Hunter

August 2021
Film: Same Sky
Filmmaker: Andy Hines

September 2021
Film: Venus at Home
Filmmaker: Meghan Frederick

January 2022
Film: Where Water is Not Thirsty
Filmmaker:Millicent Johnnie

February 2022
Film: Fantasy Series
Filmmaker: Majesty Royale

March 2022
Film: Moods of Nāyikā
Filmmaker: Ashwaty Cennat and Abhijeet, Mandala South Asian Performing Arts

April 2022
Film: Steel Standing
Filmmaker: Fritzlyn Hector

September 2022
Film: The Other Witch
Filmmaker: Nejla Yatkin & Enki Andrews

December 2022
Film: Trap Moulin Rouge
Filmmaker: Jasmin Taylor

January 2023
Film: The Good Christian
Filmmaker: Talia Koylass

March 2023
Film: Lost Dreamer
Filmmaker: Corinne Imbreski

April 2023
Film: Nyra's Dream
Filmmaker: Shalaka Kulkarni

May 2023
Film: Toe to Toe
Filmmaker: Brandon K. Calhoun

October 2023
Film: blk ark
Filmmaker: cat mahari

December 2023
Film: The Big Bang: Movement Theory + The Dancing Black Body
Filmmaker: Chicago Black Dance Legacy Project


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