Improvisation Assembly: Practice in Action with The Architects

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In this workshop we investigate the relationship and interdependence of solo practice and ensemble/collective action using the lens of improvisation.

Over the course of the four days, the artistic integrity of each voice is sharpened in conversation with the whole and a dialogue emerges as individual aesthetics meet, interact, and expand.


While the central thrust of the Architect’s research is grounded in movement, the unique nature of this workshop as a virtual gathering makes space to include improvisers for whom movement isn’t a primary practice. We are excited to work with a wide range of folks, including but not limited to: musicians, writers, visual artists, somatic practitioners, and community organizers.


Unlike our in-person gatherings, and intensive-style movement workshops, there are no technical or movement prerequisites to participate. If you are keen to explore improvisation as a practice of embodied attention, we would love to welcome you to this workshop.


Running Time
Varied; 3 hour sessions
Dance Styles
Modern / Contemporary