Pivot Arts Festival: Broad Night- Demystifying Women’s Health

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Broad Night kicks off with a showing from This Boat Called My Body, a play inspired by stories from adolescents seeking abortions, and a preview of the web series The Doula Is In. Following, there will be a discussion about abortion access for youth and the impact of parental consent laws in Illinois with the artists and Melissa Widen, Board Chair of Personal PACKaty Collins, both doula and performer, will field questions about pregnancy and women’s health.

This Boat Called My Body draws on stories the Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health has collected from youth across the state about their abortion experiences. A full-length, site-specific piece replete with spectacle, movement, opera, and interaction with water, the play asks tough questions. What are the troubled waters that young women navigate when seeking abortions? And, conversely, who and what helps sail them to safety?


Based on real stories, This Boat Called My Body is written by:
Quenna Lené Barrett
Christabel Donkor
Danielle Littman
Jessamyn Fitzpatrick
Clair Fuller
Nik Zaleski

Directed by Quenna Lené Barrett and Nik Zaleski


The Doula Is In is a web series featuring Katy Collins, real life birth doula extraordinaire. During her online “office hours,” Katy discusses everything from periods to postpartum depression. Want to know more about pooping during labor? Got questions about your cervix? Need to know more about stimulating that sweet, sweet oxytocin? Katy Collins, doula to the Internet, is here to answer your questions (accompanied by animations and a killer soundtrack).

Written and Performed by Katy Collins
Directed by Sarah Fornace and Julia Miller (Manual Cinema)

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