Raising Our Standards: First Meeting

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As professionals in the dance community we have a responsibility to respect and protect our rehearsal and performance spaces for all of our artists from dancers to choreographers to designers to members of company leadership and beyond. The Raising Our Standards Team would like to invite you to see what we’re putting together, and share your knowledge and experience, which will feed into the creation of a set of best practice standards that will make Chicago’s dance community a place where artists know they will always be safe and supported. Because it’s time to raise our standards, and by protecting our artists we free them to take risks and do their best work.

Raising Our Standards is a process built on the idea of community collaboration and the exploration of ideas, of gathering around the table to share the truths of our different experiences so that we can learn from them and rise as a community.

Questions? Contact Berit Godo at berit.godo@gmail.com

Running Time
3 Hours


Chicago Cultural Center

78 E. Washington St.
Chicago, IL 60602
(312) 744-6630