6th annual production, "Ghetto Vintage"

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6th annual production, "Ghetto Vintage"

Saturday December 2nd, 2023 @ 8PM
Sunday December 3rd, 2023 @ 7PM

Ann Barzel Theater at Visceral Dance Center | 3121 North Rockwell Street, Chicago, IL

We are thrilled to announce our upcoming 6th annual production, "Ghetto Vintage". This highly anticipated performance promises to captivate audiences with its dynamic choreography, infectious beats, and mesmerizing talent. Known for our distinct style that breaks the boundaries of traditional hip-hop, it will be a show that undoubtedly inspires dancers and non-dancers alike.

Featuring the world premiere of “Ghetto Vintage”, audiences will experience exactly how this award-winning company makes music visible. "We are eager to present 'Ghetto Vintage' to our community," said BOOM CRACK! Dance Company's Artistic Director, Trae Turner. "This production is inspired by the neighborhood Corner Store. Viewing this ghetto mainstay as a symbol, a hangout spot, and the heartbeat of many neighborhoods across the city. This is a celebration of hip hop and hip hop culture. Boldly showcasing its ability to “make something out of nothing.””

With choreography by Trae Turner, Susan Skrzymowski, Krista Ellenshon, Alexa Kruchten and Sophia Santore, the “Ghetto Vintage” will be the perfect performance you don’t want to miss.


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About BOOM CRACK! Dance Company
Founded in 2009, BOOM CRACK! Dance Company is a professional hip hop company based in Chicago, IL. Since inception, our purpose is to make music visible. BOOM CRACK! believes in bringing the art of hip hop dance to new audiences and increasing its representation by creating inspirational, concept-based sets that move audiences globally.

Our distinctive style breaks the boundaries of traditional hip hop dance and experiments with elements of contemporary and urban dance genres. Each time we take the stage, our performances are curated for a specific audience and tailored to that venue. Our entire artistic process including musical score, choreography, costume design, and visual design is curated in-house by our talented team of directors and choreographers.

Through our artistic diversity and creative concept-based performances, we aim to inspire and awaken the passion of dance in dancers and art enthusiasts.

Running Time
1 hour
Dance Styles
Hip Hop


Ann Barzel Theater at Visceral Dance Center

3121 North Rockwell Street
Chicago, IL 60618