Advanced Phrasing with Molly Shanahan: Holding Paradox

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Holding paradox—the impossible pursuit of precision, surrender to chaos, seriously playful and playfully serious intention, and the inevitable complexity that perforates fixed identity—in one compassionately-loose grasp. Join me for a two-hour movement exploration focusing on phrasework (traditionally the latter part of a "technique" class). I call the level "advanced," however conscientious movers at any level are welcome. My work has been deeply spiral-centric for many years, and I emphasize arelease of centrality (core, pelvic "stability") as both a means to find greater fluidity, possibly experience less back pain/tension/tightness, and also as a means of renegotiating the silencing, restricted movement, and limited access that pervade the politics that shape our external world in the personal politics that shape our movement choices. A much better way of putting this would be: I will invite you to release your belly. All of it is your choice. 

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Modern / Contemporary


Hamlin Park Fieldhouse Theater

Hamlin Park Theater, Hamlin Park Fieldhouse 3035 N. Hoyne
Chicago, IL 60618
(773) 880-5402