Ascendence Dance Chicago presents: Anarchy

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Anarchy is a story told through a full length dance performance. Premiering original work by artistic director Heather Carpenter and movement by Ascendence Dance Chicago company dancers and guest artists. Featuring new works by choreographers Joey Hernandez, Kaitlin Webster, and Michael Artrip.

Post- World War III, we struggle in the wreckage of our planet, stripped of any sense of humanity or normal way of life. Those who survived the apocalypse have created a new way of living known as “The Society" which is split into 3 distinct factions: the Government, the Resistance, and the Puritans.

It is believed that one of the causes of humanity's downfall is time, because of this, the Government has outlawed and destroyed all tools of time-measurement. The only exception is a broken clock kept as a symbol of the Government's rule.

…Yet there is one among the factions with a secret, a part of the past that could lead the Society into Anarchy, and be the key to saving
civilization. Before humanity is lost forever.

Elena Dern
Michael S. Artrip
Heather Carpenter
Dayleen Marrero
Mackenzie King
Kelsey Reiter
Emily Brand
Alie Romano
Ruthie Picha
Celine Spinka
Dana Alsamsam
Brandi Shipley-Cox
Elizabeth Homick
Danielle Weber


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