AwaOdori Dance Workshop

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This free dance workshop is a unique opportunity to learn Japanese folk/festival dance called "AwaOdori."

AwaOdori is one of the most famous Japanese festivals with its history of more than 430 years. As a dance form, it has changed during its long history, and it is still evolving as an art. It is a folkdance originating from Tokushima Japan over 400 years ago. The Tensuiren Project, coordinated by Emi Asakawa, is an initiative of Shubukai, curated by Yoshinojo Fujima (aka Rika Lin). Stemming from Tokushima's famous Tensuiren, we are honored to welcome Director Minoru Yamada, and Musician Yuusuke Takashima to lead a workshop to teach and share the joy of this traditional festival folk dance. We also welcome Saori Kataoka, ethnomusicologist from University of Illinois, to discuss the aesthetics of her own personal experience with AwaOdori, which she learned growing up in Tokushima.

Please wear comfortable clothing so that you can move!

Running Time
1.5 hours
Dance Styles
Traditional/Indigenous Dance


Links Hall

3111 N. Western Ave. at Constellation
Chicago, IL 60618
(773) 281-0824