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Bare NecessiTEASE @ 1pm: So what's the TEASE you ask?  Bare NecessiTEASE is a burlesque inspired body confidence, movement class that prepares you on how to get stage and life ready for your next special performance - giving you all the necessiTEASE to bare it all on stage.  In this class, you will learn sensual burlesque techniques, fabric & clothing manipulation and removals, how to gain audience attention, and sensual floorwork and dance combinations you can add to your armory of sexy tricks.  Every class will explore a new theme with the following format: beginning discussion to set intentions & goals, proper warm up to prepare our bodies for movement, and new choreography to teach us how to incorporate musicality back into the dance dialogue, capture moments of stillness, and extend our energy beyond the stage.  Learn how to hook, line, and sink your audience with the attention you deserve, as well as how to set your mind at ease for before, during, and after a performance.  This class is intended for anyone looking to let loose, unwind, and reconnect with our most important audience.  You.  Yourself.  Be your biggest fan.  

Running Time
90 minutes
Dance Styles
Circus Arts
Musical Theater


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