Bartenieff Fundamentals Workshop

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This course invites students to rigorously explore human movement potential through an integrated study of Bartenieff Fundamentals. By increasing our awareness of the body and its relationship to the environment, we are able to transform both our functionality and expressivity. Bartenieff Fundamentals is an in-road not only to the body physically, but also to the body contextually within its environment. The applications for BF go from Therapeutics, Dance, Theatre, Personal Growth, and Pedagogy to Spirituality, Politics, Relationships, Creative Process, and Developmental Psychology.

We will go through the entire system: Developmental Movement (Breath, Core/Distal, Head/Tail, Upper/Lower, Body Half, Cross Lateral), Biomechanics and Joint functions, The 8 Principles (Breath Support, Core Support, Weight Shift, Effort Intent, Spatial Intent, Initiation and Sequencing, Rotary Factor, and Dynamic Alignment) and the Four Themes (Stability/Mobility, Exertyion/Recuperation, Inner/Outer, and Function/Expression).

Each day will incorporate, moving, self-care, discussion, and creative process. It will be both about our functionality as movers, teachers, coaches, and creators, and our expressivity as humans in relation to one another. You will leave will a very actionable set of ideas that can affect our relationship to our own bodies and movement as well as our relationships with others.

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