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Forgotten Land
Choreography: Jiří Kylián
Music: Benjamin Britten
Stirring and beautiful, Forgotten Land was inspired by a painting of women on a beach by the Norwegian expressionist Edvard Munch. The sea, with its giant waves, is a metaphor for constant motion; for erosion and renewal.
World Premiere
Chorographer: Ashley Page
Music: Thomas Adès
A winner of many prestigious dance awards, Page is known for his daring collaborations with visual artists and contemporary composers. For The Joffrey Ballet, he is creating a work for 12 dancers which responds directly to the elemental and organic forces he finds in British composer Thomas Adès' violin concerto Concentric Paths. The music contains constantly shifting tensions, evocative atmospheres and a seam of wayward sensuality, which provide a thrilling 'landscape' for dance to explore. 
Choreographer: Yuri Possokhov
Music: Shinji Eshima
Possokhov uses the burning of the Golden Pavilion in Kyoto, Japan, as the point of departure for a story of love, treachery, separation and tragedy. Set in Japan's past, a warrior and his beloved princess are pulled apart by the schemes of a jealousy-crazed monk.
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