Bon Fest Chicago Classes July 27

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Online Event
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Learn the Bon Odori dances from Japan you need to join BON Fest Chicago from home.

Class Three: Review of all four dances: This will be the last class before the virtual event on July 31st. Make sure you register for the online BON Fest! 

Shizuoka Meguri, Shizuoka Ondo, Tanko Bushi, and Tokyo Ondo.

Free Virtual Bon Odori Dance Classes with Yoshinojo Fujima of Shubukai
Shubukai is honored to collaborate with Kimiei Fujima Sensei from Shizuoka, Japan and Ageha Bijou Sensei from the Nihon Bon Odori Association to learn four bon odori:

Kimiei Fujima Sensei began learning classical Japanese Dance from age three, and has attained her stage name and grandmaster license in the Fujima Style. Her teacher, Shu-ei Fujima, taught the bon odori for the Shizuoka Obon Festival and after her passing, Kimiei Sensei has carried on the teaching for the Bon odori Festival, the Shizuoka Festival, and the Fujieda Festival.

Ageha Bijo Sensei is the main ambassador for the Nihon Bon-odori Association, whose mission is to try and popularize the Bon-odori Dances which exist throughout Japan; not limited to where each dance originated, but nationally as well as throughout the world to promote community activation and strengthening intergenerational harmony. They also collaborate and perform with the Nihon Minyo (folksong) Society, local tourist organizations, cultural preservation groups, and with various businesses and organizations (e.g. Cool Japan, NHK) to promote Bon-odori culture. (check out their FB page @BonOdoriJapan)

Bon Odori is made for people to come together and express their joy, respect, and feeling of community; to feel a connection with their ancestors and with everyone. One does not have to be a professional dancer, the dances are simple and fun.

Join the virtual class and learn with Yoshinojo Fujima and Ikunojo Fujima of Shubukai! 

 Make sure to wear comfortable clothing.

We recommend you make space so you can dance moving in a circle (you can dance around a chair or even your dinner table).

Pdf illustrations for each dance will be available for you to use and review. Please register to ensure you get additional information after the class!

Live on the Japanese Arts Foundation Twitch

Running Time
1 hour
Dance Styles
Traditional/Indigenous Dance