Bridge Dance Festival 2021

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Identity, aesthetics, and expression. Bridge Dance Festival Curator Fujima Yoshinojo (Rika Lin) invites dancers who manifest a connection to their Asian heritage.  This year, the artists present digital pieces reflecting on their journey through the pandemic; as we exist in nature's world, there is a reaction and a response.

The artists of the 2021 Bridge Dance Festival include:
The Yuko Takahashi Dance Company (Sendai, Japan)
Marina Fukushima (San Francisco, CA)
Ray Nakazawa (Tsu, Japan)
Pranita Nayar and Ashwaty Chennat (Chicago, IL)

The individual is in a continuous flux. The fluid, dynamic state of being that is shaped by variable experiences within the environment is surrounded by culture and aesthetics. This is presented in a visible, observable release and transference known as “dance." The the individual.

Running Time
2 hours
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Links Hall

3111 N. Western Ave. at Constellation
Chicago, IL 60618
(773) 281-0824