Cabinet of Curiosity- The Farewell Fables: satellites, songs and cereal

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This ingenious and psychedelic production reaches across the fourth wall to embrace the audience and draw them into an uncanny and maniac celebration of the Divine. Wild objects that have been transformed from the mundane into extraordinary mechanisms; a toilet into a bicycle, a table into the garden of Eden, a suitcase into the cosmos, a pizza box into a drive-in movie theater.

This event is a delightful and frightening evening hosted by four galactic gods, as they proclaim their retirement, exhausted by mankind’s wrong-headed ambitions and unnecessary sufferings. The gods choose to pack their bags and demand a celebratory departure party prior to leaving humankind to their own devices. Cabinet of Curiosity’s mission is to create celebrations on and off stage. In this spirit, The Farewell Fables requires human participation and a steadfast commitment to hope and humor. The audience will enjoy four puppet shows, transforming sets, virtuosic songs, and thrilling tales of the meaningful and absurd, each examining universal human experiences: Life, Death, Faith, Fear. And cereal and milk.

Conceived & Directed by Frank Maugeri

Text by Seth Bockley Whale

Tale by Lindsey Noel Whiting

Starring Time Brickey, Kasey Foster, Allyce Torres, and Lindsey Noel Whiting

Puppets by Jesse Mooney Bullock and Kass Copeland

Devices by Milam Smith

Music by Jefferey Thomas

Lighting by David Goodman-Edberg

Costumes by Gillian Gryzlak and Susan Haas

Stage Management by Jamie Kreppein Spring

Apprentices include Rebecca Husk and Fletcher Wolfe

Running Time
2 hours


Links Hall

3111 N. Western Ave. at Constellation
Chicago, IL 60618
(773) 281-0824