Chicago Dancemakers Forum SHareOUT!

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SHareOUT! is the MCA’s new mini-festival of works that have been developed in a year of research supported by Chicago Dancemakers Forum. Cofounded by the MCA, Links Hall, and the Dance Center of Columbia College, Chicago Dancemakers Forum is celebrating 15 years of supporting audacious and imaginative dancemakers.

For the opening weekend, Victoria Bradford and Brittany Harlin activate the museum grounds, and Joshua L Ishmon and Rika Lin (aka Fujima Yoshinojo) share a double bill using the theater. Bradford and electronics composer Todd Mattei transform the building’s outdoor perimeter for a durational relay run that invites the public to join. In the theater, Ishmon and dancers perform Redefining BLACK to an original score by trumpeter/vocalist Sam “Trump” Harris, and Fujima Yoshinojo transgresses Japanese classical dance with Asobi: Playing within Time—a performance for four dancers with original video and music by Tatsu Aoki and Reduction Ensemble. Harlin’s dancers and a live band close out each day in the Commons.


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