Chicago Flamenco Festival-Amparo Heredia ("La Repompilla"), Raquel Heredia ("La Repompa") & Ángel Ruíz

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The 22nd Chicago Flamenco Festival celebrates the beginning of Women's History Month with a special performance by Amparo Heredia, "La Repompilla." The Granada cantaora  In 2021, "La Repompilla" won  the "Lámpara Minera" in the 60th edition of the Festival Internacional del Cante de las Minas. Her performance in the finals of taranto, farruca, mineras, malagueña, taranta, rondeña, seguiriya made her win the cantes bajo andaluces, cantes of Málaga, Granada, Córdoba and Huelva, and Mineras, thus achieving the highest award given by the festival. Daughter of the mythical Rafaela "La Repompa" and the great guitarist Luis Heredia, and niece of cantaora La Repompa de Málaga, who gave a name to the Tangos de Málaga, "tangos de la Repompa", and of great influence on the current female singing that has to do with bulerías and, to a lesser extent, with fandangos, Amparo began singing at the age of 16 in Miami. Despite her young age as a cantaora, she toured most of the flamenco tablaos in the most important cities in the USA, such as the tablao Triana, tablao Cacharritos; and the cities of Chicago, New York and Washington. Upon her return to Spain, she begins to work in one of the most important flamenco tablaos in Madrid, Casa Patas, where she begins to make a name for herself in the capital and this led to her being sought after by most of the flamenco bailaores.

Joining Heredia :

  • Raquel Heredia, La Repompilla - Flamenco dancer. Bailaora. Raquel Heredia, (“La Repompilla”) was born March 19th, 1979 in Barrio de la Trinidad, Málaga. She is the daughter of Rafaela Reyes “La Repompa”. She began her dancing career early on in Canada with the support of her family before moving to New York to work with dancer Juan Andrés Maya, who traveled with her to Japan and back to Spain, dancing in venues such as the Apollo Theater, Colegio de Médicos, Casa Patas, La Villa, Lope de Vega, and Isabella Catholica and participated in “Flamenco Viene del Sur” performing a solo in the Alhambra, Cervantes and Falla theatres. She has done numerous tours in the US, Norway, Netherlands, Morocco, Turkey and Paris (where she performed in the Versailles Gardens to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Cristian Dior along with her Rafaela Reyes “La Repompa”, Amparo Heredia “La Repompilla” and more. She has shared the stage with Antonio Canales, Carmen Linares, Miguel Poveda, Los Farrucos, La Saga Habichuela, Manolete, Marina Heredia and has performed in the Biennial de Málaga.
  • Ángel Ruíz – Flamenco guitarist. Guitarrista flamenco. Ruíz, flamenco guitarist, was born in 1979 and began his musical career at the age of 12 under the hand of famous guitarist Philippe Donnier and “Merengue de Córdoba”. His professional career began at 18 years of age at the “El Cardenal” stage in Córdoba. From there on he has worked for various organizations including: “Boston Flamenco Ballet”, “Al Badulaque”, “Ballet Flamenco de Cristina Hoyos” and “Compañía Andaluza de Danza” under the guidance of Antonio Gades and Jose Antonio Ruíz, among others. In 2002 he was awarded first prize in the “Jóvenes Flamencos” contest of Córdoba. He has worked with Javier Latorre, a National Champion in Dance, as well as dancers Daniel Navarro, Pedro Córdoba and Juan Fernández Montoya (“Farruquito”)
  • Manolo de Córdoba. He was born in Belmez, Cordoba (Spain). He began his artistic career at an early age, mastering the art of singing and rhythmic steps under the lead of his father. Originally a professional miner he always had a passion for flamenco. He began his artistic career dancing with Estrella Morena, La Tati, Manolete and El Guito, among others. He has performed in elite venues such as Carnegie Hall (New York), the Kennedy Center (Washington D.C.) and La Scala (Milan). He currently works as a flamenco instructor, but on special occasions will perform as a hand-clapper. Manolo de Cordoba, is also a well-known plastic artist generally known as Manuel Sanchez.
Running Time
1 hour 15 minutes
Dance Styles
Tap / Rhythm


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