Chicago Tap Theatre Presents: TightWire

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Chicago Tap Theatre is excited to premiere their newest original story show, TightWire, for Chicago audiences of all ages!  CTT has gained notoriety for their annual story show, wherein they tell a story using tap dance and live music (not to mention Poetry Slam creator Marc Smith narrating) to convey the story.  Their last major collaboration, 2013's Mama's Boy, was chosen as one of the Top 10 Dance Events of 2013 by the Chicago Sun-Times.  While retaining the charming and occasionally snarky humor they are known for, this year's show takes a dark and sinister turn in a peek behind the scenes of a traveling Italian circus troupe in the 1930s.  Amid the colorful acts that populate this circus, audiences will follow a taciturn ringmaster, eyes always on the bottom line, sisters who have spent their life walking a thin line and a vagabond clown with a mysterious past.  Find out what life is really like under the big top.

Written and narrated by Marc Kelly Smith
Choreographed by Mark Yonally
Directed by Rose Freeman
Original music by Kurt Schweitz
Premiere tap dancing by Chicago Tap Theatre


Dance Styles
Tap / Rhythm
Circus Arts


Stage 773

1225 W Belmont Ave.
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 327-5252