Chicago Tap Theatre's "Tidings of Tap"

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Featuring dances to celebrate Christmas, Chanukah, & the Winter Season…with all live music!

If you’re tired of the same old Holiday entertainment, Chicago Tap Theatre has a show for you! Come see why hundreds of Chicago families have made Tidings of Tap! their new holiday tradition. Featuring rhythm and whimsy-filled interpretations of your favorite Christmas, Chanukah and Winter songs, this is a fun yet sophisticated, family-friendly evening that you’ll be talking about all year!

While this is a great family show, many people have commented on the fact that it is truly enjoyable for all ages. Children and parents will love the end-of-the show number, where all the children are invited on-stage to dance! Parents are even allowed to take photos of their kids on stage!

This season we are thrilled to present a premiere opening and closing piece!

Tidings of Tap’s numbers are not only precisely danced, but well thought-out: the music provides a delightful underscore to the steps, except during exciting bits like the aforementioned “Carol of the Bells” and Yonally’s exceptional solo. (Fans of “Name That Tune” will be delighted with the show’s several interludes, in which a dancer taps out a holiday song for the audience to guess and eventually sing along.) As an ensemble, CTT is tight – as a result of their clear familiarity with one another’s moves and styles, their sound is perfect with nary a stray toe-heel. And CTT dancers aren’t just in the floor, they practically make love to it: so clear is their marriage of metal tap to wood plank.                                                         – Lauren Whalen,

Never preachy and rarely predictable, “Tidings of Tap!” doesn’t provide the sentimental glow of self-approval that so many other holiday shows do. Nor does it trash the season or the human race for enjoying it. Instead it takes us on a mashed-up tour of holiday clichés, borne on the easy, breezy wings of tap-dancing.                                                                                                                                                                                     -Laura Molzahn,

Seating is general admission.

-Parking: $8.25 Parking lot 9- visitors lot. It is located at 501 S Morgan Street.  The entrance is just north of intersection of Morgan and Harrison Streets.  This lot is CASH ONLY, patrons pay on their way out.

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Tap / Rhythm


UIC Theater

1044 W. Harrison
Chicago, IL 60607
(312) 996-2977