Choreography Residency

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Four classes per day for 3 consecutive days to understanding... What does it mean to choreograph tap? When we are choreographing, is it tap or something accompanying the tap? During this residency, students will be “in the room” with 4 of the most defining voices of our field. These powerful voices arrange rhythm for the feet, so that the body and spirit can be fulfilled. Here we teach you how to compose or choreograph for tap, strategically creating a rhythmical flow that compliments the music, but also exemplifies a full range of vocabulary. Within the works shared this week, you will learn how to build for this dance, fitting for the concert stage.

Introducing to our final festival week is the Leon Collins’ Institute and the Condos Salad. Shared this week by the legendary Dianne Walker, a student of Leon’s and the torch-barrier of his genius work and virtuoso Sam Weber.

Running Time
80 minutes
Dance Styles
Tap / Rhythm