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Hot Kitchen Collective presents: CHRISTMAS PAGEANT


Do you remember your last great Christmas - the tidings and good cheer? Do you remember when the yule tide brought you genuine joy? Do you remember it slipping through your fingers as each year went by?

Hot Kitchen Collective presents CHRISTMAS PAGEANT, a brand new devised performance celebrating the overindulgence and mass-produced joy of the biggest holiday over the year, and the sadness that lies underneath. CHRISTMAS PAGEANT will bring you a slice of home - like a delayed layover at the airport, a cold casserole, or a gifted sweater that's a little too snug and a little too itchy.

We dedicate this show to those who feel alone on Christmas in a room full of family members, to those who exhaust themselves keeping the spirit of the season alive every year (and somehow never attain it), and to those who long for someone or something in holidays past. We welcome you to join us in this cathartic celebration.

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Ravenswood Fellowship United Methodist Church

4511 N Hermitage Ave
Chicago, IL 60640
(773) 561-2610