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Co-MISSION Works-in-Progress performances offer split bill showings by artists awarded Summer Intensives, Residencies and Fellowships by Links Hall's Programing committee. Through the Co-MISSION program, Links Hall offers Intensives, Residencies, and Fellowships that support 14-16 artistic projects annually. These programs incorporate a flexible range of resources designed to meet the needs of artistic experimentation at different points in an artist's career and different points in a project's development.

October 30th featured artists include: Tuli Bera, Jasmine Mendoza, Elijah Motley and Paul Scudder

Tuli Bera
This performance is dedicated to acknowledging, exploring and understanding the experience of inhabiting the body of an [immigrant] / [first-generation American], specifically one of [South-Asian] / [Indian]descent living in the United States of America.
Jasmine Mendoza
in the darkness she laid to rest will investigate the artists' physical connection to the high deserts of New Mexico. Having completed a Summer residency in Carrizozo, Jasmine transformed and extended her human form to become elemental: of mountains, wind, and the sand beneath her feet. Mendoza's CoMISSION project connects her desert investigations to the Chicago dance community.  With this residency, she will explore how to externally express the desert's impact on the body and
how it can be translated into a more traditional dance space.
Elijah Motley
During his Residency, Elijah Motley will be exploring how to create a space that chronological movement patterns disassociate themselves with time. In order to unpack this effect, Motley will explore how different ranges of movement effect the audience member's sense of time thought moments of engagement and disengagement.  
Paul Scudder
'2000m" is a song cycle using text from Sappho, Emily Dickinson and Vaslav Nijinksy to create a meditation on queer identity. '2000m" manifests ambiguities and
questions surrounding this trio using instrumental and vocal music combined with dance to invite dialogue for and about queer folx. 
Running Time
2 hours


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