Contemporary Jazz with Hanna Brictson

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Hanna's Contemp Jazz combines jazz precision with contemporary grooves to create a unique style. Technique forward warm up, combining improvisational tools into combination work makes this high energy class complete. Learn a variety of styles, speeds, and musicality with Hanna, like no other. From the heart, this passion filled power class, will challenge you and inspire you.

Ms. Brictson grew up training outside of Chicago. Just after graduating high school in 2004, Hanna was offered a company position dancing for River
North Dance Chicago. Spending 12 years as a dancer with RNDC, Ms.
Brictson was able to choreograph on the company and be rehearsal director.
In 2016 Hanna joined Visceral Dance Chicago, where she danced and rehearsal directed for another two years.

Hanna has taught all over the world and choreographed throughout the
country. Her work can be seen on Professional dance companies nationwide,
along with television, universities, and competitive dance studios.
Recognition for her craft has been shared in Dance Magazine on two
separate occasions, along with a Princess Grace Dancer Nominee and Choreographic Nominee.

She also has spent the last few years creating a dance and fitness
program that fuses ballet, yoga, and personal training together, called BalleX.
From Workouts, to choreographing, she continues to grow and share her passions for dance.

Running Time
1 hour
Dance Styles
Modern / Contemporary